a book for outliers

Lossy Ecology

...a book for outliers...

Lossy Ecology

Lossy Ecology is a new publication conceived and edited by Louisa Martin,
and published by Flat Time House.

Lossy Ecology outlines artist Louisa Martin’s notion of an ‘ecosystem of realities’
in which bodies and experiences which resist static and dominant forms of representation, evolve their own means of self-definition.

Image works and a glossary of re-purposed terms are distributed among a series of commissioned texts and interviews drawing on a range of subjects including John Latham’s Flat Time, ’pataphysics, autistic perception, cognitive disability, the politics of visibility, and the neuroscience of embodiment,
Ralph Dorey, Sabel Gavaldon, Victoria Gray, Gareth Bell-Jones, John Latham,
Jesta Potheca, Anna Remington and Manos Tsakiris

The texts collectively indicate a new approach to notions of ‘self’ or ‘body’ which might begin to account for bodies and embodied experiences that are not articulated in existing, standardised representational systems; a 'pataphysical body which transforms perceptual and representational voids into new possibilities,
including freedom of movement.




Published by Flat Time House

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Supported by a Wellcome Trust Arts Award and Arts Council England.